The best seafood in the world

Much is said, much is written and much is read about why Galicia is home to the best seafood in the world. Certainly we find delicacies from the sea in many latitudes: red crab and lobster from the Caribbean, Mozambique shrimp, Japanese abalone, Cornish mussels (UK), lobster from Nova Scotia (Canada) or Gillardeau oysters (northern coast of France). But nowhere else can you find the amalgam and variety of seafood from Galicia.

But why in Galicia? As we can suppose, it is the quality of the Galician waters that achieves this excellence in the wide variety of its seafood. This quality has three main reasons for the phenomenon. Firstly, Galicia has an enormously abrupt coastline, which gives rise to multiple mini ecosystems. In addition, instead of fjords – saltwater fjords – as in Norway, we have estuaries. In them, fresh water from the mountains converge with salt water from the sea, where multiple islands and islets have formed to protect a multitude of species that come to lay their eggs and try to ensure their survival. Finally, the north wind – the “Nordés” – acts as a deep water extractor that brings with it many species that form a uniquely rich plankton and a variety of mineral salts that act as fertilizer. The consequence of these conditions is a palette of unique flavors and darker colors than in seafood from other latitudes. This is generated by the benefits of a load of nutrients and unparalleled algae that enter the Galician estuaries to stay and serve as food and distinction to these delicious species that are incorporated to our tables for delight. Having Galician seafood on the menu of a restaurant is a guarantee of satisfaction for the most demanding diners.

Long gone are the days when most Galician seafood was consumed exclusively by sailors and fishermen as an aperitif to accompany wine. Or served as animal feed in local corrals.

Best species: mussel, cockle, clam, razor clam, scallop, scallop, scallop, periwinkle, lobster, lobster, crayfish, centolla, crab, barnacle and shrimp.

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